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The Edward Charles Widitz Jr. Memorial Scholarship SWAT Award

  1. All applicants must be attending a college, trade school or military service.
  2. All applicant must be the child or dependent of a current or past member of the Somerset County SWAT Team.
  3. Once you’re awarded the scholarship the same person can not apply for the same scholarship in the future.
  4. An essay with a cover letter must be submitted by the applicant no later then August 31st of the year of application (The cover letter must contain full name, current address, phone number,and valid email for the applicant. THE BODY OF THE ESSAY WILL NOT CONTAIN THE APPLICANTS NAME or FAMILY MEMBERS NAME.)
  5. Said essay will simply be titled HONOR and will be kept to a limit of no more than 2 pages of typed double spaced words.
  6. Upon the receipt of all applications the Cancer Callout LLC board will review all of the essays and vote.
  7. In the event of a tie, the President will flip a coin to determine who will be awarded the scholarship.
  8. The scholarship will be presented to the winner at the Cancer Callout main event of that year.
  9. The Scholarship recipient will be a written a check in the form of $1,500.00.
  10. The recipient is legally responsible and bound to use said scholarship for the following: tuition, fees,travel costs, and supplies.
  11. The selection process will consist of the following:
    • All essays will be submitted by the President to the Cancer Callout Board without the cover letters. Instead of the cover letters each essay will be assigned a number to it.
    • The Cancer Callout board will vote on who is the winner.
    • In the event of a tie vote, the Scholarship will be awarded by the flipping of a coin by the President flipping the coin.
    • The winner must agree to have their picture posted on the Cancer Callout website.
    • The scholarship was officially announced at the Somerset County SWAT Drill on July 31 2015.